Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crazy arse foreign children...

Hello Lovers.
I am currently sitting in a cold, three story, victorian mansion on the outskirts of Madrid. It is snowing outside... (evidently the first time in years), and I for one... am starting to wonder what the hell I am doing here. I am very excited to be here as a nanny... but thus far, (two six year olds and a four year old) are really testing their bounds. They are most definitely doing their best to figure me out... and see what they can get away with. The older girl recently told me that she never wanted me to come... and that she only liked her other nanny, and would never like me. Warms your heart eh!? Ha. Either way.. Im confident that the wee ones will warm up within the week... and that I will get used to settling temper tantrums, and find my way around the city. Right now I suppose you could say I am a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of spending all day with whiney small spanish speaking humans... and then setting out to party club solo in the city. The moral to this story is that I have found rachel three families that are willing to take her in as an Au pair immediately so that I do not have to wear my fluffy coat alone in Madrid. All of you who vote yes on Rachel Fabiano coming to Espana... raise your hand.

Moving on.... this home is amazing... as is the landscape of Spain. The walls are covered in 17th century artwork and tapestries some of which are done by very famous Spanish artists. It is about as European as one could ever imagine. Though I would prefer to continue writing... my new 'spanish mobile' is ringing... (though I'm pretty positive nobody has my number)... so I must be going. Party on little ducks... party on.

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