Saturday, January 29, 2011

thinging that

pictures i enjoy today.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

like a bat from hell.

"influencing" is not an adjective. as in, you cant use the phrase "influencing magazine." the answer would be Influential.

periods go inside quotation marks. (except in lord of the rings.)

the answers to those questions, all three: no

if you are using the phrase "one of" something, the something that follows are actually somethings. and should be plural.

dont emphasize trite phrases the rest of us thought up when we were 10 as though they are brilliant or original.

let us discover a way for you to dilute yourself more.

hard to tell, but i dont hate anyone. i just think you are literally dumb.

and please, dont tell me about your wardrobe until you dress well.

like this human,

damn socialists.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sitting in rather comfortable, squishy chair at the public dream castle house of books in Salt Lake City. I suppose Murray doesn't have everything. When you think of a public lib.. one might think of stale stuffy smells, considerably out of date computers, and a persnickety grandmother figure telling you to keep your voice down to a low whisper. This.... is. not. the. case. I have rarely been to such a heavenly location. Entire ceiling and sides of building constructed by clear glass and completely lit by natural light. Five floors of thousands upon thousands of books who's pages I long to read, and a million intelligent looking humans (who knows.. they could be complete idiots.. but for the sake of keeping this book castle classy.. I choose to believe that are smart as whip). Therefore... I now have a library card, and a favorite chair in which I'm very seriously considering finding an unnoticeable place to scribe my name into..... OK maybe not?!?

Its the weekend, and I'm happy about it. The whole mood of a city changes on the weekend. The crows feet surrounding work spent eyes lighten as the word 'weekend' flows through minds ands conversations which undoubtedly begin taking place about half way through every week... Wednesday perhaps? Though there is questionable precipitation (snow/sleet/rain/hale) falling from the sky outside...and a strange man sitting far too close to me right now... Something about today is a good day. Enjoy your weekend, little blog readers. Eat good food and freak out about it (very similar to how rachel and I act while eating papaya salad.. maybe we should post a video), take naps, snuggle, and make time for the things you've been wanting to indulge in all.week.long. Relax... and take a health slice of what we've all been looking for since Wednesday... the Weekend.

À Bientôt.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

smelly cat

We have moved to Murray, Utah.. (ergo our lack of blogging due to lack of internet). We looked into moving to Salt Lake, but we felt like Murray was a more grounded place to raise our children, Kristin and Kara. We are dual posting. By dual posting I mean that I'm typing, and Rachel is sitting in the same spot she has been sitting in for twenty four hours... pretending to help think of sentences to add to the post... in order to keep me honest, for when I refer to this post as
dual post. Obviously.

Now that we've moved to Murray, I've been forced to ignore my germophobia due to the fact that we only believe in shopping at Deseret Industries. We now own all of your grandmother's ex-furniture. If you're ever feeling sentimental about your child hood times with Mema... feel free to come reminisce at 264 Ailee Lane.

Besides clouds, air mattresses, color coordinated closets, and a jungle gym in our back yard, another thing that comes along with Murray is laundromatting. This is no doubt our favorite part of Murray. Yesterday, We spent a total of three hours guarding our clothes after methodically filling seven tiny washers with extra concentrated soap to drowned out previous germs and heaven forbid hair in the public washing machine. I find it ironic that the place one goes to make their belongings clean... is quite the opposite of that. Documentary on Laundromats and the people that love them (a.k.a Laundromatters) coming soon.

Our good friend Murray has also introduced us to a new acquaintance we like to call 'Loft.' Loft lives in the master bedroom (mine and Rachel's of coarse)... inside the closet, above the color coordinated clothes. At first glance one might think that Loft was more of a ledge, or perhaps a mere shelf to fit small storage boxes on. Oh Contraire.. (Spell check is telling my that 'Contrare is not a word.. spell check is wrong). That is not the case. Loft is most definitely Loft. A secret and charming fort that is large enough to house an entire full size bed. Loft loves housing snugglers, movie watchers, and most of all reading parties. Loft is our newest favorite friend.

Visitors have now dissipated from the house in Murray. I am sitting in the floral grandma chair, relishing time to myself...with myself..(FYI: No more dual post, Rachel traded my for Giusseppe and the anime loving cousins). After a full day of various company, vegan cafe's, and job hunting (more or less)...I sit utterly alone as the ending of a Bon Iver song fades into quietude. Yet some how... some way... I begin to hear the familiar silence of the new snow falling. Tonight, I will sleep to the silence, and tomorrow I will wake up to the provider of it.

Goodnight Moon. Goodnight Mouse. Goodnight Chair. Goodnight (Murray) House.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sky Miles


I'm about to start writing my life stuff book.


After reading both of my grandparents auto biographies.. I decided that every human should at some point during life on earth write some sort of book to leave behind... about anything or everything...1 paragraph or 7000 pages.. doesn't matter.
Just imagine how many more delectable (some not so delectable) books we'd have to read if every smart person that thought... 'I should write a book'.. and then didnt ever get around to doing it, had actually gotten around to doing it.


My Nanna laying next to me asleep, in her blue sweatsuit, wearing matching blue slippers, underneath a matching blue blanket, IS the cutest thing I have ever seen.


Nanna telling me that my hair is 'stringy, and that I should consider gettin' a perm' IS the funniest thing have ever heard.


My 69 year old aunt named Sherri saying 'sometimes I go a WHOLE day without checking my facebook,' is the second funniest and most honest thing that has passed through my ear canals today.


This blog post screams 'Kortney has been sitting around doing nothing during the holidays, with her eccentric extended family for far too long.


My most creative time is when Im asleep. I think it's time to save some money to invest in one of those brain wave dream catcher recording machine-ma-boppers so that my art can get cooler.


Deciding on a New Year's resolution is a stressful way to start the New Year. I have so many choices. Kill me.


I need to go read the rest of my book before Christmas break is over tomorrow, and real life commences.


Goodbye little readers.