Monday, March 29, 2010

i am a spock clock.

eight things that make the world a better place.

plastic people.

collina strada

Joanna Newsom. Whose show i attended friday night. It was amazing, though there were far too many hippies for my taste.

Deer. the second is MY deer. from my backyard.

alien barbie.

this dress.
we who see. urban outfitters.

Ashish spring 2010. which reminds me of....

yelle. sum sum 08.

nighty night.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

you're not all that.

I AM going there.

I dont know if people were ready to go there. but i have been ready since my eighth birthday, when i received yellow biker shorts, and was barely able to wear them due to school effing uniforms. SO bike shorts have been spotted around the runways the last few spring seasons, but it seems like people have been looking at them with a question mark in their head. I am completely ready for THEM to wipe those stupid looks off their faces and start incorporating bike shorts into their everyday wear. straight up back to the eighties. I plan to wear them under dresses, shorts, skirts, overalls, and even a baggy teeshirt. yes, i will be wearing these everyday, and no i dont care which parts of my body people will be able to see all too clearly. good luck running into me in rexburg.

DKNY spring 2010

House of Holland

Givenchy rst 2009

Louis Vuitton spring 2010. pleaseANDthankyou. need i comment on the hair?

Wildfox Couture at Urban.

Point IS, I done gone there. and bought four pairs from ebay. the other point is: KORTNEY I MISS YOU AND IM DYING WITHOUT YOU. aaand goodnight.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mon get hurt.

Some might call it obsessive compulsivity, or just good stalking ability, but i call it FATE. SEER EE US LEE. I dont think i can freak out enOUGH. on this post right now. Sooo, i was driving home from work when i thought 'i am DYING to go to value village' (my favorite thrift store in north atlanta). then i thought 'noooo im tired and hungry and i need to pee.' Then it came time to either turn left onto Mansell road toward home or continue straight to value village. I got in the LEFT TURN LANE when the GREEN ARROW TURNED RED! Ew. i then swerved back in the main lane and continued straight to VV. FATE. best impatient act of ALL TIME. because i seriously got thee coolest stuff EVER. it is unreal. Including, but not limited to four hats, tiny clip on neck tie, barbara streisand superman vinyl, purple silk mini skirt, missionary dress, faux fur cape, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a gold/sunshine yellow, shiny, strechy, modddd, long sleeve, turtle neck, 60s, authentic, vintage swing dress. this is the best thrift store find i have ever made (and i have closets upon closets upon stacks upon storage units upon boxes and BOXES of this shiz). So anyways, though i am a woman of words, i am just NOT doing this dress justice, so i will take a picture once its not pitch black and my camera is not dead (the morning).

I am very tired. good night.

This is what Im thinking about right now:

you gee kay - SPRING. duh.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bring me a DReam.

Oh no.

I need this haircut.

or something along the lines of jane birkin.

Whenever haircut time rolls around, i start whining about my hair not being brown. which is interesting considering i bleach my hair. Point is. my pink skin and brown hair would not match. and it is annoying. So i will probably end up giving the stylist this picture of sylvie. which i give everyone who cuts my hair. and i will do nothing different at all. as i dont do every time. Hopefully they will do a good job, so as to put off my brown haired dream for another couple months. we shall see.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bang to tha boogie.

I thought i had forsaken late night internet stalking, but i suppose i have not.

So here is the deal. I saw a spread in a magazine, which i have no memory of the name. Nor can i find similar pictures anywhere on the google. It was for ORLY nail lacquer. And it was AWESOME. Pretty much it was of their new collection for spring called SWEET. Consisting of every pretty pastel color ever. I ended up going to ulta yesterday and buying 3 colors from the collection. this is a very unusual purchase for me for many reasons. a. i only wore nail polish for the first time this past summer (painted by the lovely kort knee). b. i do not understand nail polish. c. i am unable to put it on and have no women around to assist me (I need ALEXxxx). d. i only wear black or brown nail polish. e. i pretty much never have ever seen an ad that physically forced me to go buy their product. and f. i only spend money on clothes and candy. and this costed almost 25 dollars. ew. None the less, i did it. Then today, i was getting my little brother to take some pictures of my hands, when his friend who goes to SCAD came by, turning it into a tiny photo shoot. so hellooooo back yard.

attempting to show my finger nails, but really not succeeding.

and the robot begins.

alex, next time i will do a sequence of the mylipglossispoppin dance.

take note: of my disturbing hair cut/color. growing out since october sixteenth, which shall be fixed thursday at six p.m.

aaaand goodnight lovey lovers, from rachel harmonica

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cake Balls

Have you ever heard of Cake Balls? I hadn't either... until tonight... and now I want one.

I am currently spread about on the purple couch blogging next to Ally on the couch. This was one of those nights when there was legitimitely nothing on earth to do in Rexburg. Instead of straightening my hair and pretending there was something relatively awesome to do while gallavanting through the sleety snow.. I decided to throw my freshly colored hair into a messy bun, have a dinner party for myself, paint my bird shaped frame, talk to my lovers, talk to my sisters..(who are making cake balls), and watch Law and Order SVU about an angry lesbian scandal. (Though I may or may not want to slap myself for watching TV... which I believe is simply a ploy to control society... I am secretly really enjoying this large vegging session).

Though I do have a great weakness for over analyzing more than ever..during my vacation from school, while preparing for my next semester... I have had an over abundance of time to evaluate and reevaluate the choices I'm making and direction my life seems to be going. Though we (people amongst my age group) are constantly told by older generations how exciting and free this time of life is... and I do often agree, I must say that I frequently find myself yearning for just a little bit of warm, enveloping, steadiness. I yearn to be grounded in a way that I know people will not come and go in my life like weather patterns. I want to freely depend upon something other than the sun coming up and the knowledge that there is a God. I want to share my feelings openly and honestly without having to apply allowance for mind games and misconceptions. I want to understand.

Having admitted all of these feelings, I will follow by saying that more than ever ... in the past months I have been blessed to be able to find joy in the simple things of life. The moments of laughter I spend with tears rolling... while being bent over with my friends. The phone calls from sisters who are complaining about crazy parents. The new music my lovers send to me in care packages for no good reason. The random happenings and tender mercies that play out throughout the day without any effort at all. The way I hear my heart beat rapidly in my ears after a killer run... reminding me... once again.... that I have everything to succeed at my own disposal.

It is getting late... and I'm getting dillusional. All of the sudden I am finding everything hilariously hysterical. Mainly cake balls, Angry lesbians, and Rush Limbaugh. Before things get too crazy... I think I'll peace out. I miss you lovers... I love you. Can't wait to be all together!! Happy Daylight savings time. Signing off.

~Kortney Tennis Shoe

Pictures to come... maybe coordinating...maybe not.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

this aint no disco.

I am so obsessed with this girl. She is the cutest thing ever. I already LOVE french people. but i especially LOVE when they sing in English. Her name is Scampi. Love her hair. Love her voice. Lover her accent. Love her ukulele. Love all the songs she covers. I have definitely watched every single video of hers on youtube. So go ahead and stalk her.

Don't cry.

Or do.

Friday, March 12, 2010

boring little hobo.

Right now i am at work. i should be working, but i am not. My desk is by a window. it is cold. it is raining very hard outside. which is scary. i took my break at the mall, where i couldnt find a parking spot, very curious. i walked into forever 21. it was stuffed full of a million people that are smaller than me, very curious indeed. i remembered my little brother's car was at home when i left for work this morning. i then put together that schools were out today. i ran away from the mall. and am now at work. in about five minutes, i will leave work. byeeeee. by the way, idaho youth ranch thrift store is hiring. go work there. and find me the coolest stuff.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

pretty pie.

So i have a new obsession with hats. By new obsession, i mean old obsession. I have been obsessed with hats for forever. i just neverrr ever wear them (except on hat day). I think they are so cool and so pretty and i LOVE them. I just never leave the house with one actually on. Lately, every time i go to a thrift store, i end up getting at least one hat. I then take them home, try them on, look at them, hang them on my wall, stack them up, etcetera. All of these activities are creepy, so i think its time to begin wearing them. Sometime i will take some pictures of my new hats. In the meantime:
SICK hats, that i want to marry.

felipe oliveira baptista spring '09. still so in love with this one.

Tina Aumont

pretty obvi that book head is the best one.