Friday, July 23, 2010

Light a match

We are moving... and we are dying. rachel just stabbed herself with a tack. i have a permanent back problem from lifting bins full of books that i cannot bare to part with. i paid one million dollars to ship things (that will probably not make it due to the heinous packing job tape problem) to Texas. The box itself was ten dollars. O MY. Shipping my beautiful antique print of mona lisa costs more than the actual she has to stay with her step mother in idaho. i could cry. i have a tangled pile of hangers on my carpet that i have decided to throw away. i dont believe in untangling things. ever. we have to carry our abnormally heavy, perfect, red, desk ship downstairs and fold it up into the aztec. i havent showered in quite a while and im very very hot because idahoans dont believe in real air conditioning. all i would like to do is float in very cold water... naked. therefore.... i have decided to light a match...and run away. If you would like to come to my bonfire...send me a telegram. Only one day until texas and colorado.. let the floating prevail.

Many pictures of our clothes on etsy soon to come. FYI: next time we post... happiness will be our friend again... until then.. enjoy bitching with us.

Monday, July 19, 2010

i hate water.

thank you, ponytail magazine.

Photographer Seiji Fujinori
Stylist Vanessa Chow

for not sucking. for not being finals. for not being a bitching byu-idaho inhabitant. for not being martin heidegger. for not being the paper i need to write. for not being K effing C. for not being out of rotisserie chicken. for not getting my best friend kicked out of school. for not trying to make me clean. for not trying to make me pack. for not making kortney fall into a coma. for not using facebook for weird purposes. for not not knowing english. and for not doing other non cool things. sorry im so incredibly boring. dont care.

Friday, July 16, 2010

my newest boyfriend

Good evening fine ducklings. After this exquisite week, Rachel and I have found ourselves completely drained of all hype. We just got back from going to dinner and while talking in the car after, we both fell dead asleep. Despite the fact that it is Friday night, I find myself in my furry zebra shorts from Walmart, with my hair on top of my head... considering all of the movies I could watch and objects I could paint. Tonight is one of those rare nights that Im going to give in to my secret hermit desires. Im going to avoid social endeavers where I am forced to wear make up... (due to the inner voice inside of me that I recognize as my mothers... that never goes out without looking prestine). Im going to wear my Sarah Palin looking rimless glasses, instead of contacts that are killing my eyes after a few bouts of tears this week. Im going to eat popsicles. I'm going to listen to Simon and Garfunkle. I'm going to write down everything Ive been feeling and wanting to say or remember in the past few weeks. Im going to do nothing... and Im going to roll around in bliss during every second of the nothingness.
As a perk of my nothingness rolling.... I finally have a moment to share news about my newest love interest... Robert Siu. Robert Siu is a Burmese photographer from San Francisco that has stolen my heart with his raw ability to inspire. Across from the Ferry building in San Francisco, every Saturday there are hundreds of street vendors selling crafts as well as showcasing their artwork, photography etc. Robert Siu is a travelling documentary photographer that truly understands the beauty of a person's imperfection. He understands the pure ecstasy found in electric color combinations. He understands the zest of architecture and pure form. He understand what a mere image can do to the heart. Though I had seen his work several times, when I was in town last I forgot to write down his name. I have been calling all over San Francisco, talking to street art commissioners that might possibly know who this phantom angels was so that I could get ahold of just a few of his pieces to share on the blog. Today...Robert Lazaar, head of the San Francisco Street Artists solved my daunting mystery. Here are a few of his less well known images... as most of them are not available on the internet for copyrite purposes. Nevertheless.. let me introduce you to a little taste of Robert Sui. Enjoy.

Stalk him here:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I super glued my finger tip

What a day today has been. I am currently curled up on top of my cinder block suspended, twin bed in my Indian tribal t-shirt that strongly and permanently smells of thrifting... trying to make sense of my day... which in essence is about to determine my life for the next year.

Due to extenuating circumstances, I have been suspended from school for a semester. Mind you.. I go to an extremely strict university named BYU... where rules are not rules in real life. (Example... we have a curfew of 12'oclock). 'Nough said. Technically I suppose I shouldn't blog about such a topic... but for some reason, writing and sharing sounds appealing right now. In effort to leave the monotonous details out... I will simply say that I chose to break a rule that I felt was not of importance at the time, due to the situation at hand. Sometimes it's simply about the bigger picture... and not the nit-picky ideals of pleasant-ville that so many seem to inhabit. I feel that my heart was in the right place, as I sincerely felt I was doing it on behalf of helping someone I cared about. Either way.. I will learn from this experience... and it will make me a better, and stronger person. Needless to say... today has been a long, long, long, marathon of a day.

I can think of nothing more appealing than laying by the side of my pool in Texas, next to my big Labrador puppy named Zeus, who will undoubtedly be trying to sit on my lap... (even though he's 50 lbs.).. as my southern bell of a mother water's the plants and offers me lemonade. This semester has rung me out and hung me up to dry. I am so tired that my contacts are blurring... yet I can't even begin to sleep. First... because I have to study for finals... but mostly because I can't calm the ravenous thoughts in my head.

There's so many things I am craving to do right now. I want nothing more than to run and run and run through a perfectly green field of long grass...until I can no longer stand up... then give in to my exhausted legs and lay beneath the sun until my thoughts are completely at peace. I want to lay completely still, underneath the water and listen to my heart beating slowly and steadily... all along cherishing that perfect organ for being such a steady and trustworthy part of my life. I want to go home to Texas to meet the newest Cooper cousin to be born.. and hold his sweet, warm, newborn body upon my chest as he sleeps.. because nothing in this world is more beautiful and hope provoking than a perfect new born baby. I want to drive in my car for miles and miles and miles while listening to extremely thought and emotion provoking music like the o' so cliche 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen... all while singing at the top of my lungs without consideration of anything around me. I want to read every book on my 'books Ive been meaning to read' list until I can no longer remember who wrote what. I want to jump in the car at the spur of the moment,with my childhood best friend Liz, and drive to Dallas to eat Thai food and talk about everything and anything that has happened in the past fifteen years of our friendship. I want to hug my Dad and feel his big, strong, protective arms around me... and pretend... just for a second that he knows everything, and that nothing will ever hurt me again.

How is it that the very brain that is harboring all sorts of mental turmoil and distressing thoughts inside of it, is the exact same brain that so generously allows a blessed escape into my to-do list of imaginary bliss when I so desperately need it most? This very idea of something so bitter and yet so sweet completely depicts so many things in life. You cannot truly understand people until you've been where they are at in the playing field of life. You can not truly understand pain until you've felt it, and the opposing joy to contradict it. You can not truly hate unless you have once loved. You can not be considered a complete failure and disappointment unless there was at one point the opportunity for you to be something great. There truly is opposition in all things.

It's getting late, and my art history book is staring at me. I think he wants me to study him or something. Here are a few of my very discombobulated thoughts. Enjoy. Sweet dreams little reader heads.

Monday, July 12, 2010

sweet satan.

have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

yaahh i probably have too, but not in a while so just enjoy it.

Valentino Fall 2010 couture


sweet satan, im in love.

these bow gloves will be mine.

weird (yet great) because i havent really seen a couture collection so obviously directed at young unsophisticates before. How nice of Maria Chiuri and Pier Piccioli.

but truly, how nice of them: the tiers, the weird shapes, the softness, the mishapen hardness, the materials, the bows, the bow GLOVES, the crystals, the shoes, the cages, the sheer, the monochomatic, the 60s.

quite a lot to love.

lets go to rome and visit the Valentino museum.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where's my blue pillow?

There's many an item of business to discuss this frothy 8th of July. Rachel and i are currently writing a dual post...first ever. Enjoy. We are listening to Peaches, the artist that seems some what sectually frustrated according to her lyrics. It's nearing the end of our semester and lately all we seem to be capable of is procrastinating any and every thing that is actually worth doing. We are also using Rachel's computer which is extremely epileptic... and driving me insane. Ew. most other days.. we went on a bike ride through the nature park. By nature park we mean a moldy, leechy water hole surrounded by an asphalt track and encrusted in a golf course. I believe the 'nature' part of the title is referencing our six duck friends who inhabit this pondy place.

Today as we were making our first round on the asphalt track, we approached a line of ten sprinklers that looked as if they would clothes-line us relentlessly off of our stolen purple bikes. Instead of calmly riding around these harmless water machines... rachel decided to stop in a screeching hault in effort to avoid being attacked by the powerful collection of water molecules. as i rounded the corner... not only did i not avoid the water... i did not avoid rachel... or flying off my bike. I attempted to ride around rachel... but due to my speed and wetness i ended up rear ending her, then driving my bike into (not over) a hill and finally jumping off before it crushed me... like last time. This all resulted in a broken shoe, some phantom scratches on Rachel's hand... and some wet little white girls. Despite all of this hoopla...dont worry... we still ended up completely wet, unable to avoid the terminator sprinklers. In effort to regain our composure after this frightening bike-asphalt-water debacle... we found ourselves silently sitting side by side on a half painted wooden bench upon the neighboring golf course... sucking on suckers like five year old girls in time out.

Then we proceeded to ride 'round this small commune-like town.... passing through the water park, the main street, and the bridge overlooking the sewage river... we gave in to our greatest non-sectual desires and stopped in at Original Thai to indulge in the world's BEST red curry dish...Mango Curry. We have eaten Thai food in Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; San Francisco, California; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Austin, Texas; Madrid, Spain; Amsterdam, Holland; Salt Lake City; Utah, and some random place in Tennessee...and honestly vow that Rexburg, Idaho, the unknown of the unknown, birthed the best curry we have EVER eaten. EVER. The only place it could possibly be topped.. is Thailand. There... we will go... and there we will eat.

San Francisco... Powell Street.

Then we bought nail polish. Periwinkle blue.. and brown. dont cry.. it's beautiful. We got in trouble for painting it on our nails in effort to test its actual color and consistency. A strangely cranky Sally's worker snotted at us to use tape to test the polish. Whoever has heard of such a thing?! In the midst of writing this paragraph, we have received urgent news that our friend, the DJ, will be DJ'ing at a Jewish deli called Shamsi's in Ventura, California on main street. Go there. Eat Kosher things... and be DJ'd.

By all means... this is long enough. Gnite sweet readers.

Monday, July 5, 2010

many being one

i realize that i kind of say that every day is the best day ever, but i think today may have been another best day ever. i slept in until 1, which distresses me. kortney and i got candy and tacos and then drove on our bikes to the nature park. it wasnt very natural, but i quite enjoyed it. Then we sat in the grass and talked about rock stuff (do we ever sound gay). the wind was blowing pefectly hard and the sun was kind of burning me, but not as bad as usual. We ate reese's sticks.
we came home, made pasta and painted. well i painted an unfortunate sunset then just watched in awe as korney painted real things with real colors. i find watching people do things they are good at to be endlessly entertaining, kind of no matter what it is. then i read some out of a book that i borrowed, lost, bought, returned and reborrowed from adam. Then we went on a long pointless drive and listened to music. then read some more.
also somewhere in the middle of this i discovered a designer i am in love with. She is Australian and her name is Karla Spetic. Im not going to say that i get bored with pastels, but i can see how some do. and her collection, dreamer, kind of unbores pastels with harsher contrasts, sharper draping and black accents.

still no class tomorrow