Thursday, February 25, 2010

the likings of a camera

PS. Here a few random pics that may startle your creative eye. I've been saving them up on my camera and have decided to exploit them.

Keep Calm. Lick a Brow.

1. I would like to say Kudos to Rachel's Ode to Bruke. We (the other wives) are most definitely all waiting on our own personal ode's.

2. My most recent ideas for employment include tap dancing on top of a piano on the corner of mainstreet in rexburg...Stark Naked... (with an upside down hat out beside me of course), talking my friends into paying me for being their friend...(which is a large privelage on their part), OR becoming a pretend debt collector. Your opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

3. I would like to give my respects to those who truly enjoy doing nothing. I always thought that I was one of those people... until I became one.Don't get me wrong... doing nothing while high on spray paint or in the company of my lovers is one thing... doing nothing in a nothing way... is another. Now... I feel that I am a mermaid swimming in molasses. EW.

4. As I was walking down the hall towards a religion Class that I was attending with Taylor and Alex, I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful painting of 'Elevation of the Cross' by Peter Paul Reubens... from the 1800's and was reminded of how much Art truly moves me... and Man as a whole. It moves man to change and gives them a vision of what they can change into. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said... "Fiction gives real life inspiration to proceed." Though many paintings are documentation of real events... they are fiction in the sense that they sprang from someone elses perception of them. The fruit of the mind is something to be cherished and sought after. After all.. what is reality? What is Fact? We all perceive things so completely different, that I feel studying the perceptions of others is a worthy endeaver in the effort to expand our mind's eye. The desire to create is innate...and whether we are creating things with our hands, our minds, our mouths, or simply appreciating what others have created... I feel that creation in general is something to be acknowledged and pondered.

5. I will now be adding some long procrastinated pictures of the Red Desk Ship. Enjoy.

Goodbye Lovers. Go get Zen.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wood is good.

My mom is currently a drug user (hydrocodone, my dream.), so she and i hang out and do nothing often. Yesterday we were watching wizards of waverly place (a one time thing). Halfway into the show, she was like, “are those tiny people?” I said, “you mean like kids?” and she said, “no, like shrunken.” And I said “no.” They were not shrunken. Or tiny. Just regular sized wizard humans. Again, MY DREAM.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

red heads are people too.

Hello everybody. I am in love with a lot of people. A LOT of people. One of them, the main one of them, is Bruke Lauren Skousen. And this is an ode to Bruke.

A, I miss bruke. She is not coming back to school and I am not going to stop crying. B, I have wanted to marry brooke ever since she was brooketha. She reminded me of my sister, so I laid on her. And it has been a fairy tale ever since. Our future plans will be finalized this summer, while she is NOT WITH ME. C, Bruk is the best fluffy whore I could ask for. She watches every good show. She goes to dances and gets as sweaty as she possibly can. She was a white leopard for Halloween. She then wore her white leopard ears around Rexburg with me. She teased my hair for the first time. She can walk up to a random person, dance in their face for five minutes, and not crack a smile. She watched me walk for the first time, for the second time. We run toward each other then I jump on her. She lived through the weirdest/funniest semester of all time with me. She lets me sit on her shoulders and transform into a giant, two person, dancing robot. She went to Africa with all the little birdies and the little monkeys. She listens to my rap music even though she doesnt like it. While Alex is out having a life, she walks around the parking lot scaring people with me. Her hair is red and fluffy and perfect. She is a stripper. When I send her people’s hilarious statuses she has already seen them and knows exactly who I am talking about. She will run away from Alex’s truck with me, in negative 10 degrees, in animal ears, hide in allies and crevices, until we have peed our pants several times. She is a notable stalker and imaginary wedding planner. She may even be a better stalker than i. Oh, she is a professional interpretive dancer. And I LOVE HER. The list could go on for the rest of our lives together. How sweet. D, Every red head I see makes me think of bruke. Or my sister. E, my computer is telling me that bruke, bruk, brooketha, and brooke are all spelled wrong. Whats happening.


bruke in Africa, doing something unnatural.

the infamous.

This is Bruke.

This is Bruke.

field of a million brukes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Man I love college.
I love it.
Aight everybody, I gotta head back to class for a little bit,
But after that,
You know whats going down.
My house.
Three kegs.
See you there.
Youre all invited.
Bring your friends.
Bring your mom.

Just so everyone knows, alex hansen has ruined my life by deleting her facebook. Thanks alex.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my illegally illegal tender

Alexander Wang braids. Why is my hair short.

Also, here is my new owl. and hats. It's hard to see from this, because i also am an unfortunate photographer, but it aint a painting, its embroidered in yarn. Sooo sick. In response to this purchase, my mom said "sometimes i dont understand, it looks like something my grandmother would have." Mom burn. In other news, i actually have jobs. Sooooo money is nice. However, I still stay up laaaate and now wake up early, so im expecting to die within a few weeks. Goodbye everyone. Goodbye Kortney, miss your sweet, young, fluffy arse. and yes, my walls are purple.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

insensitively named indian burns.

So so Sooooo two of my friends are getting married. Rachel Parker and Saychelle Rincooon. they are awesome. i wish they were getting married to me. We will be having the sickest bachelorette party of aaaallll time. dancing. on the beach. in suede bikinis. body painting. as native peoples. around a bonfire. I am so excited i wish it were happening right now. anyways, this is the inspiration for our partyyyyyyyyy.

Rodarte Spring 2010

If you aint gon be in Georgia for this, you might as well just go watch barney cry.

His stacked heels fool no one.

Oh Kortney, it is so good to see you rejoining the blog along with like 20 other people. This is now the party blog, so PARTY, HO. In other news, I am starting to think that I have faaar too much free time. My thoughts are getting weirder and weirder. And we all know they were weird as hell to begin with. All the phrases and random shiz that pops into my head are making me think that I am Creed; My thoughts have officially become too shocking for the internet. To give you an idea, I am currently writing this, a rough draft of my blog entry, on a 14 page document of random words, phrases, sentences, jokes, paragraphs about nothing, song lyrics, poems, quotations, and artists, blogs, movies, designers and photographers that I plan to look up. Here are a few mild examples so you can begin to understand and be afraid.

1) “We cant sneak in, because I’m wearing my squeaky shoes.” (this has absolutely nothing to do with anything)

2) “Collin coco Willardson is an evil dictator.” ( that is from mean girls and I don’t even think that collin is a dictator, yet somehow I ended up writing that down)

3) “Flared pants make me want to cry.” (well, this one’s true, but what e’er.)

I think of it as a secret alien journal. I plan to return it to the mothership some day. Im probably going to regret this post tomorrow after work, once i have spoken to humans again. Anyways, i am currently wishing i were in an all girl hair metal band.

Holy hell it is five thirty eight am.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Old Scratch Ate Metallic cookies

This past three weeks I have felt as if I am walking through a cloud land of forced reevaluation that I may or may not call my own life. Dreams misplaced and ideas have plans must change... my approach has drifted. Though I find myself floating more often than normal... I have seen the true opposition in all things. I have felt great joy and happiness in the content and blessed life that I lead. After a short stay in Spain I have returned to Rexburg, Idaho... a charming small town a.k.a. ice tundra that I love. Many of my lovers reside here... (Rachel in spirit). As traditional would have it...much crafting is taking place. In between my job hunt I've had a bit of free time to revamp my lair and search out some fresh inspiration. The most recent thrifting tryst that has warmed our hearts is the fire red desk that we randomly came across at Deseret Industries last weekend. I consider this desk some what of a valentines day present to myself in effort to justify buying a treasure heaven knows I don't need. Except that I do. Every time I walk into my room and see the picture of Mona Lisa framed in light blue beauty standing tall above the valentines desk.. I simply want to lay in the dresser drawers next to all of my lovers and sail away.

A deep sleep is beginning to come over me. Yes. It is only nine oclock. Don't judge. I love you all. Party on.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Light a bone.

I dont care if i say seriously too much. because seriously, Antony Gormley.

He is the coolest sculptor i have ever seen. I am so in love with every single one of his shows. Infact, anyone want to go to New York? because he will be having two shows there March - August. Madison Square Park and some other art gallery. Or Beijing. Or Cananda. Except not Canada, because i would never ever go there..





I mean, statues in the ocean. SERIOUSLY.

Friday, February 5, 2010

If new at all exists

Okay this is the coolest picture of the daaay.

the photographer is Eleanor Hardwick. Shes great. soo great. her flickr stream is at