Thursday, May 27, 2010

hot tramp.


Sophiee's World.

Also, my roomates and I will be going to San Francisco in a couple of hours. UHM it is going to be so nice to get away from this disturbing land: see a clothing store, eat real food, look at well dressed people, sit on the beach (cold as it may be), walk around, watch humans, and see actually BEAUTIFUL places. I cannot WEIGHT. hopefully we shall have something interesting to share upon our return.

Enjoy stuff.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

weeds are charming too

Hello Pretty People. It's been quite a while!
Rachel and I are just getting settled in a routine for this semester of school...pretending to be very busy and involved I am currently laying on the couch with tears streaming down my face after watching Stephanie Nielson's youtube video "My New Life"..(for the millionth time) about everything she goes through on a day to day basis after being involved in a plane crash that burned over eighty nine percent of her body.. When looking through others point of view it is amazing how quickly and powerfully our perspective is changed. The strength and energy that we have the opportunity to draw from other's around us is a blessing I cannot show enough gratitude for. As I lay on the couch next to my sweet friend, I am filled with gratitude for the people in my life. The beautiful people that have faith in the things I do, make me laugh, challenge me, walk with me through rough times, and listen when things aren't going quite the way we thought they would! I think back about the last five years.. and cannot remember life without knowing these amazing people. Driving through Rexburg and noticing the small yellow flowers covering the fields.. .(which people swear are weeds... I disagree),today I felt once again.. truth.. tapping on my heart. The truth that encompasses all pure beauty. The truth that is found in a human heart beat or in the morning sun electrically breaking through the clouds after a long nights' storm. The truth that we feel as we read the words of life changing people like Gandhi or Nietzche. It is our responsibility to incorporate these truths into our everyday lives and let them not just be things we know.. but things we are. There is truth and joy in so many things... and I feel it all around me!

Monday, May 3, 2010


not to worry, i have an assignment due in twenty five minutes, which has not been started. but i do not care because it is KORTNEY COOPER'S birthday. best day ever. more or less. but i did almost pee a couple of times. I am supposed to be writing this post about kortney's birthday. but i do not feel like it. So, i will just say (kortney i love you. you are my idol) and then i will continue to write about things that make me pee. in other words: hilarity. oh how horrible life would be if one couldnt turn sucky and/or pathetic occurences into the funniest things on the planet.

recent findings of hilarity:

1.unpleasant images, especially those of animals.

2. eating large bags of noisy candy during classes. and only sharing with jack, of world religions.

3. meghan mullin being the mob boss of my apartment.

4. hanging out at the junkyard, the coolest place in rexburg. so 90s, i can hardly take it.

5. as much as chanel is my idol, trying to make this happen. this is NOT going to happen.

6. small, pink darth vader

7. an asian and jamaican i know getting married. and naming their child jamasian. as in, "hi. i am half jamaican and half asian. my name is, therefore, jamasian." this is real.

8. when you text something hilariously embarrassing to a boy by mistake. My recent favorite is kortney, meaning to text alex, texting brady, "nothing like chillin on the couch in sweat pants like a beached whale on a Friday night."

9. stalking people who straight up hate us, who we straight up love, who straight up dont know we're kidding and are probably straight up scared and will most likely be executing a restraining order against us shortly.

10. Rita of arrested development. funniest television character i have yet seen.

11. the glittery purple baton sitting in my room.

12. falling off six inch heels. twice. two different days. both breaking my foot, and acquiring a purple tumor below my kneecap.

13. Kortney saying mhello like a one hundred year old texan. this never gets old. i am unable to say mhello without falling over laughing. i called kortney's grandfather and he answered with an abrupt MHELLO. twice. and i now know where she got it from.

14. being unable to forget names, and consequently knowing EVERYONE, when few of everyone know me.

15. the axe sitting on my bed side table.

16. eating dinner at sonic, kfc, taco bell, and ramire's in one night. Im not even going to say that this is gross, because it is hilarious.

17. i drive an aztek period

18. the fact that anyone who does not know us and reads our blog, probably assumes we are lesbians. surely we are not.

I could go on, but ill refrain. the funnier things get, the squeakier i become.

also, my assignment is no longer due in 25 minutes, but is past due by one hour and ten minutes.