Tuesday, December 28, 2010


When I read rachel's blog posts for the fourth time since i have written even once, I felt saddened that I have been such a slacker... (very similar to the word previously discussed... saddening.

I decided that even though I only have twenty five minutes to transform myself from unshowered sweat pant scariness into a woman for a date that is about to happen, I HAD to stop and scribe things in honor of loving loveiiinatrashcan.blogspot.com.

The shower has now been waiting for me to stand in and under it for ten minutes,and instead of going green, I continue to merely feel guilty about not going green as
I watch the water vapor steam up the mirror out of the corner of my eye (because of the continuous running water no doubt), WHILE I do pointless things like write about this very incident.

Christmas was very festive and very Zenn. Sherman Texas is surprisingly cold and traffic filled. These two facts cause me to be confused about my where abouts, yet because I am surrounded by my nice sisters and lovely high school lovers, I realize i am INDEED present in my child hood stomping grounds. I know that am in my stopming ground because I found myself doing things like voiding everyone I don't absolutely HAVE to catch up with, and spending nights staying up til four oclock watching movies like 'Hope Floats' with people who truly have sculpted me into anything good that I am today. We also like to wear nothing but sweat pants, head bands, and fluffy shoes. We may or may not shower. Dont judge.. just enjoy girlly time with me. Please.

My other favorite person in the world... (we all know who this is) and I have finally finalized a lease for a furnitureless yet curtainned humble abode in Utah beginning January 7th. Though Im afraid of the cold as always... I am very pleased with this upcoming event of reunitation. (Yes. I know that is not a word).

Now my shower is cold, and steam is dissipating. This is what I deserve for blogging at the worst possible moment when I have had millions of other moments to do such things during this last week.

Whoever's eyes are reading this... i hope your holidays have been delightful. I hope you have eaten everything you have seen... very similar to me, and have loved every second of it. I hope you have done goofy festive family things, fought with your siblings/parents, and then continued to hang out with them for endless hours simply because that is what you do with family... and that is what you do at Christmas. Dont lie. The people who drive you the most undoubtably insane are definitely your favorite and most cherished humans.

K bye.

Monday, December 27, 2010

one tomato.

blogging feels impossible. because it is.


i just texted that word to pencil. i did not know how to spell it. i first spelled it "sadening." aaand look. i typed it on this macintosh which spell corrected it for me. (it also corrected "corrected.") this is becoming very pathetic.

ANyway, blogging is impossible because i left my computer at my aunts house in salt lake city. so no pictures or anything awesome from my personal computer are available. Also impossible because my dads large and rather nice macintosh lap top is breaking.

Whenever i look at my blog, or most others, Safari quits immediately (there goes the red underline again).

When i asked my father about this problem, he said, "It's because your mom threw it across the room like 10 times."


No sarcasm, my mother is nice. that was shocking.

I said, "whaaat do you mean?!"

He said that she was sitting using the computer; a bug crawled on the lap top; she screamed and threw it across the room. Apparently this happened multiple times along with some other incidents that ended with this 17" silver brick on the floor, yards away from my mother.

And it is now deteriorating. in fact (the red line is telling me "in fact" is two words, which displeases me), there is a crack in the frame of the screen. Also it no longer has any whatever stuff that was making the top part of the lap "top" not constantly fall backwards.

It now constantly falls backwards.

i just finished watching "Eclipse," which i had never seen.

yesterday i discovered "Hoarders." i subsequently watched the funniest piece of television in history.

i went to the Atlanta aquarium. things like this turn me into a happy, curious 5 year old.

my face and feet were numb from walking downtown.

my family of carnivores/vegetarians/bratty whores finally decided on a 24" pizza that would suit us all. forty-five minutes after we ordered, our waitress told us our toppings were no longer available. we left.

trying new places proved to be bad. we went to a mexican place near our house. i got what i always get, a disturbingly large bowl of chicken and rice soup.

my life is so boring, why dont i answer phone calls.

tomorrow i am going to every thrift store.

i want to ride a bicycle.

no melodic allusions, please.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

of the wild.

i mean. this isn't an emergency or anything. but MY GOHHHHSH.

really really really really?

I haven't been this excited for quite sometime (well, since yesterday, kristopher orr + lindsey cragun). Those pictures will come soon as well.

I meannn really? really. really? collars, bow headbands, velvet, short swing dresses, sheer, brown makeup, dots, lines, not to mention dirty, background walls (kortney's and my favorite). hOW do these people know me. ANyways. This is tba--to be adored. Randomly came across them today. almost freaked out. go visit yourself.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Every time i approach the end of a semester, i am suprised at the amount of things i did not do during the actual semester. i am always puzzled by my inaction, yet i never even attempt to change. as a result, i have so much shiiit to do this week that i can barely breathe. It is especially difficult to do aforementioned shit when all i really want to do is read, sweep mines and play with my ducklings. o0h well. i guess this is just how this week has always gone and will always go.

and yes,
Jason Wu
Pre Fall 2011

i am sincerely freaking out about this. THIS, specificially: the above picture.


Seriously, what a pretty robot. Please note that there are two models displaying his entire collection. Please note that the above photographs, my favorites, are mostly of caucasian, brown-haired, robot girl. I think i mostly like ths collecion because it is on her. She is making everything look perfect and robotic. Exactly how i like it. Her name is Julia Saner (Ford models). Seeing this collection and becoming obsessed with yulia made me investigate her further.

She is from Switzerland. She won the Elite Look modeling contest in 2009 when she was 17, which will make her 19 on Feb. 19.

Now everyone is obsessed with her, as are we. The only things that worry me are that she likes coldplay, her favorite colors are red and green, and her motto is, "don't worry; be happy." Yes, lets just ignore those things and like her for now.

Yulia's street style:

(eh, could be improved.)

Monday, December 13, 2010

i can be a freak.

i was just a normal person before i became a hipster.
-guess who.

Friday, December 10, 2010

nothing looks silly.

that is untrue.
(no relevance.)

i juuuuust feel like words written on blogs should be called blognarsh. no further explaination. and NO. i do not know how to spell explaination. explanation? and i do NOT have a Macintosh that spell checks everything i write. and i do NOT feel like looking it up on the Interweb because i look up words too often and it is no longer amusing. I have a feeling it is explanation. if this is true, then that is stupid, and im changing it to explaination. AAAAaaaand yes. i call myself a copyeditor and i do not know how to spell. guess what? i dont care. i also dont use apostraphes. DONT CARE.

just looked it up, damnit. it is explanation. eff. now its (it is minus the apostrophe) explaination.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

flock hur

I've been dreaming of wintry things. I dont often prefer cold weather, I do like small amounts of photogenic powder snow
Forgot Deodorant today... looked in all seven bathrooms of the funeral home to find sum. Found green old spice for old men, looked around to make sure no one was spying, and put it on. The expiration date says 1999...it seems to be working just fine for me.
Im too hungry to type, my fingers are telling me that they would much rather be caressing finger foods than key board keys. Im sorry little fingers...Ill make you something nice when we get home.

Someone stole the large green recycling trashcans that sit behind the funeral home which were given to each house in Texas as a gift from the State. or something. My funeral colleague/desk mate is very concerned about this. He has now called every surrounding neighbor within a five mile radius to question them about the disappearance, AND is currently gazing out the upstairs window, waiting to pounce on the garbage can clepto. O My.

Today the wind started to blow in an abnormally violent fashion...(I'm starting to think the wind might need some counseling), however... all of the trees that have remaining fall colored leaves on them were knocked loose and began whirling around me.Red.Orange.Yellow.Gold.Brown.Green patterns over taking my eyes, and landing in my hair. It was whimsical and astonishing. I felt like I was in novel about how Fall became Winter. You should've been there.

I went to a Christmas tree farm. I smelled pine, and pet stray dogs. I took pictures of pristine green all around me (again). I sat in a patch of cockle burrs like an idiot. I drank apple cyder. I'm preparing for Christmas.

And evidently so is the lovely international color loving
leather company HERMES
someone colored on the igloo
dont put yer tongue on it
nice nap sack
there's a pup in yer bag