Thursday, April 29, 2010

take me down to where the buffalo play

I am sitting in the library listening to the acoustic likings of Trace Bundy..(the love of my life)... and freezing my black jean wearing behind OFF because my mop of hair is wet and laying on my neck like a squirrel. I have no clue why i come to the library... I literally move at a snails pace with my 'homework.' In between every line I read from my Psychology book.. I lift my eyes to watch the fellow library attendees with their equally shifty eyes proceed to check out any and all personages within their visual range. When the door opens.. everyone looks to see who it is.. if they are even slightly attractive... if they are doing homework.. or simply stalking people like everyone else here... and then everyone moves forward with pretending that they are studying and not blogging their life away. Don't act like you're productive.. we know you do the same thing. I have your number kids.. i have your number.

marry me immediately

The library that i am blogging from on this brisk day resides in rexburg, idaho where the weather changes like i change underwear. IS almost May 3rd.. the day of my birth and yet it was cold enough today for us to wrap my lover ally's face in a scarf as we walked through the snow sprinkling land that we lovingly or sometimes bitterly/sarcastically/laughingly/longingly call home. The place that I am dreaming to leave by the time a semester is over... as i struggle to stuff my belongings into two rough looking suitcases and sprint onto an airplane.. simply so i can land in Texas and feel the humid air seep into my body making my hair frizzy and my lungs become less productive... IS indeed the same place that I associate so many of my blossoming self actualizing memories with. REXBURG. The very hole that reaps my weather complaints... is the same sweet small town that I so fondly smile at after returning from break... as I prepare to exit off of the long stretch of I-15 highway... nearly ten miles away... I can unfailingly spot the breath taking beautiful temple across the street from which my apartment sits. I smirk...roll my eyes...and wonder what on earth this semester will bring. As I settle in for my sixth semester in this strange college town where the zest of simplicity (main street, two grocery stores, no mall, whole town less than 5 miles wide) begs to shine..I am astounded at the complications such a simple town can bring. What a complicated time of life this is. I can't help but comb through the many memories of which have been created here.. the laughter felt, the knowledge gained, the utter pain experienced, and the mere days which I unknowingly ride out... unaware of what will happen next.

Rachel and I are taking a world religions class this semester. We are supposed to be studying and taking part in some major meditation during this class. I'm not gonna lie.. I dig the meditation idea... but it takes every fiber of my being not to first.. fall asleep. Second...worry about all of the same exact things that come into my mind during every minute i have free.. and Third...focus on watching the strange people around me. Meditating is rough. We are supposed to simply 'watch our thoughts go by as we would watch a movie' and not act on them or think on them more than to simply acknowledge that they exist. Now.. i am first to admit that I more than anyone in the world most likely needs to practice a little meditation. If only I could take a hydrocodone first?

Go get Zenn

My ghetto computer crashed this last Monday... other wise rachel and I would definitely be offering up our newest photo shoot fun for your eyes to feast on. Until then I would like to wet your creative pallet with these pictures. Farewell little duck feather heads. Go meditate.. then teach me how.

PS. If you have a puppy...give it to me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

sweet pea.

So. officially. kortney and i are moved in. not to the same apartment, but might as well be. None the less, it was a long trip from georgia back to school. and apparently blogging gets bumped off the to do list when school and stalking and having a life begins. who would have guessed. Well we do have some cool crafting/styling projects coming up soon. which we shall be documenting. together finally. until then (my favorite blogging phrase) here are some people that i am fawning over

This boy. (mick jagger)

his daughter (georgia may jagger)

this girl.

this girl.

this boy. (pete doherty)

this family. (dont even make me say).

this trashcan. (modcloth)

and most especially - this boy. sheldon cooper. my soul mate. from big bang theory.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

light the fuse

I have recently decided to flee to the wilderness... and make bracelets out of honeysuckle. I will wear no shoes... and eat only plants.... preferably pineapple and wheat grass. Rachel will live in the tree next door to my lean to...Alex next to her.. ally and meagan next to her.. taylor and bruke next to her... and my twin on top of my lean to so i will have instant access to her. All day long we will make up rhymes, dance around like fairies, and swing on vines, and float on palm tree branch rafts. We will most likely turn from unfortunately white.. to permanently brown. When you come visit... we'll make you a hammock out of grass...and you won't have to wear shoes. We might be hard to get a hold of after the wilderness move... so email us while you can. Once we have disappeared into the oblivion of mother nature.. we will have a telegram delivery system set up with the birds. Feel free to drop a line.

Until the move... these photographs stand as my ode to nature. Color's from the lone star state.

I believe in God... and I Spell it Nature- Frank Lloyd Wright

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hell oh here we go.

up is down
bite not right
sit is stand
side to side
blink is blank
black ate white
hack is had
bang to night

eleanor hardwick.

audrey hepbizzle

all found via google images.

oh, is it two twenty three a.m? oh do i have to wake up at 7? oh was i supposed to be moved across the country already? oh do i still not have a car? oh have i still not done my taxes? oh am i still on the intranet? oh do i have a five page to do list for tomorrow? oh. cool. good night beautiful internet, stop ruining my life.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I don't understand scooters... yeah.. the razor kind.

I have not blogged in an eternally long time... luckily the love of my life is exquisitely talented at keeping up in the world. From now on... we should call this blog RACHELkortney blog. I am choosing to blame my lack of blog art on randomly jumping a jet home to Texas a few weeks ago for spring break. Since then I have not been on the computer. I like to think of it as a healthy technology fast. Truth be told.. I simply have not wanted to get my computer out of it's case... wait for it to boot up... and then watch it die every time i move my very sunburned yet freshly shaved legs... (I need a new battery). As opposed to Rexburg which just had a snow storm... Texas is blissful 75 degrees. My entire family is out of town.. which leaves me in our home in the country... alone for the weekend.. being spooked by any and all noises.. namely the cats jumping off things... (or attacking my leg out from the corners.. damn cats are the devils creations.. as well as serpents.. just for the record), washing machines starting, and my personal favorite..creepy branches scratching the creepy windows. Ew. What can I say.. I'm scared. Besides that... the south is wondrous as ever... I am currently listening to George Straight while painting in my underwear. Something about home makes me put country music on.. which i actually hate.. and relive my child hood with my mom's crazy rancher relatives) Be jealous.

In the past six months.. there have been many a happening. Much time to reflect as I've blogged about a million times.. and may a thing to remember and learn from. I have yet to decide my favorite mode of expression. Sometimes I paint.. sometimes I take pictures.. sometimes I cry...and sometimes I write. Here you go Rach...

'It Passes All My Understanding'

So much to say- Nothing to write.

Storms bring strength... or so I've been told.
Dead end impatience breeds respect for time,
Struggling with the concept of no reason or rhyme.

Natural men see nothing but ONE heart.
How do I escape the darkness?
How do I set ME apart?

Anecdotes and feel good lines... ever flooding space.
Foggy disillusion blankets thorns with sugar...
Hiding from it... each man turns their face.

Truth- connected to an unmistakable ring.
I feel it. My heart beats. My mind wonders.
How will I incorporate each truthful thing?

It it passes all my understanding.

'A Little Scribbling'

We are wanderers in a strange land
Animals struggling to sink or stand.

Empathy or pride.. which do I choose?
Will I decide to walk in his shoes?

Attempting to balance between my mind and divine intervention
My fears I rarely dare to mention.

Summer 2009

It all makes sense. Every Challenge, every desire, every fleeting feeling of familiarity.
Suddenly flashing back..through the Earth's solidarity.

Golden Rays Reflecting off what once was water
I stop to breathe in the pine
Remembering what truly should stand as my leader.

The clouds above... symbolizing the all knowing
My eyes fill with tears as the heavens begin snowing.

Snow capped summits surrounding my stance
The Earth and it's inhabitants- not created by chance.

Hiking forward through thinning air
My gratitude rising.. I feel his care.

Struggling to find my footing on a loose bed of shale
I raise my head and spot my rail.

Air becoming cold, skin becoming pale
Looking down into the valley... afraid to fail.

As I step to gather much needed lung fodder,
I spot a lake of turquoise water.

My mind is changed, my heart is softened
Taking in the color, the air, and the tree
I realize it's all older and wiser than me.

Rising off my knees to continue my hike,
Scraped and tired
Wondering what it will be like.

Digging into the shale to grasp my balance,
I hear assurance
a vote of confidence... negates my deterrence.

I see the end- I've reached the summit
Thinking back to the journey...
and the tender moments...grateful I did not recompense.

This is the end of poetry hour..
Here is a nice picture to illustrate my thoughts.
Party on sweet grasshoppers.

PS. Only in the South will you find a church named New life Discipleship Trinity lighthouse Jesus Church.

Glacier National Park...

More entertaining pictures to come.Hold your horses.

Friday, April 9, 2010

iLL i am.

today, oh what a funny day. actually it really wasnt particularly funny, i dont even know why i said that. my day was relatively fun and it was also stuff. It was my little brothers birthday so we got to do what he wanted to do. which consisted of eating dinner at a crappy taco place, who's meat had far too much fatty weirdness, going to urban outfitters and getting him some new clothes (not even looking at the girls side), going to atlantic station, eating icecream, walking around, looking at asian's handmade jewelry, and seeing clash of the titans (quite an unpleasant movie). so yeah, it was a nice night, though i could have enjoyed a different movie.

visiting downtown atlanta is always stylistically interesting (uhm not in a good way). well at lenox and little five points, there are the best dressed shoe heads etc. but atlantic station, where the rich people gather, is unpleasant to say the least. so many women wearing the wrong length of boot cut jeans over high heels with an ill fitting (by ill fitting, i mean too small in the boob area) purple silky top. and men in the blue and white striped oxfords with a tattoo graphic print overlay. No, it's really not that bad, im sure there are well dressed people in atlanta, today must just have been a bad day. but all i could think about was that there should be a facehunter in atlanta that takes pictures of all the woefully clad.

anyway, this is my new OBSESSion. like OBSESSED.

UNIQUE fall 2010

Some parts of the show were a little more questionable than others.
love the bag and the coat. um and the face?
yeah this will never happen for me.

it kind of annoys me that i am forced to be obsessed with fall clothes before i have even worn summer clothes. nonetheless, i completely LOVE THis. especially the monochromatic looks. also, why am i suddenly so fo0nd of looking like animals? unnatural.

Monday, April 5, 2010


dont cry, my biker shorts arrived today.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

robot oeuf.

basically i am kind of mad right now. my sucky bank, wells fargo, just ate 70 dollars of mine. instead of going into detail. i will just say that i am MAD. considering all the stuff i could be getting with this money. instead of sending it to wells fargo who probably wont buy ANYTHING COOL WITH IT. how annoying.

etsy, ebay, nastygal, forever21, urban outfitters - respectively. uhm yes all under seventy dollars. mostly A LOT under.