Monday, September 13, 2010

Is dead considered Vintage?

I am home in Texas, working for fall semester. Job hunting in Sherman, Texas can be some what of a thorn in my side most of the time. However, recently I was lucky enough to come upon a little diamond in the rough. I was antiquing in Historic downtown Sherman.. (which now has a facebook group in case you're into stalking), when I walked past a beautiful flower shop called Special Occasions. I remembered buying corsages from them in high school and being quite impressed with their work. Due to the fact that I have a strange obsession with flowers, (picking them, painting them, photographing them, receiving them..ect.) I decided to step in and see if they were hiring. A cute, raspy voiced woman named Melody said she couldn't afford any employees at the moment... but that she had an idea. She picked up the phone and before I knew old women from across the street was giving me a tour of her funeral home. Pat Dannel... (the mysterious, old, southern women tour guide), is the owner of both the flower shop and a well known funeral home (established in 1908) in the area. She told me that she would love to hire me as her secretary if I wasn't too uncomfortable with the whole 'death' part of the job.. and that I would also be able to work some in the flower shop when big events were happening.

After chatting with Pat for a while, I couldn't help but love her. She is a crazy eighty year old southern woman who constantly says very offensive things such as 'i love colored people,' and 'all trashy people come from Oklahoma.' One would usually assume that this type of behavior would scare a potential employee off... however, due to the fact that I happened to have a very outspoken and inappropriate grandmother myself.. I felt right at home. Along with loving Pat...I must admit my strange morbid curiosity in working at a funeral home. I have thought many times in my life... who in the world would want to be in the funeral business? The answer is...people who are born into it...and maybe desperate college students.

The moral to this story is that now.. I work at a funeral home. Feel free to add to the many death puns that have already been offered in my behalf. Bless you Trevor and Eve. On my first day I delivered ashes in a metallic gold urn to someones home. On my second day, I saw a dead man with grass coming out of his mouth. On my third day I began picking up old person things to say like 'tacky,' and 'he's so confused he doesn't know whether to wind his butt or scratch his watch.' On my fourth day, I inherited a vintage lace handkerchief from a deceased woman named Mary Kathleen. On my fifth day, I witnessed two old men fighting about foreigners not learning English. On my sixth day, I hid myself in the flower shop making all sorts of fall arrangements and corsages for homecoming. Flower shaping and arranging has indeed become my newest artistic outlet. In fact.. Rachel and I have decided to have a small flower shop connected to our vintage store after graduation. Until then, cremating, burying, inheriting, snooping, being creeped out, laughing at rednecks, and arranging colored foliage should keep me well entertained.

Here are a few images of the newest passion. There are so many things I want to try...because flowers make everything pretty.

Lilies in a cup.

Bird houses.. my fav.


Im in LOVE.

Why AM I so long winded? I truly have a problem. Forgive me, kind blog followers... I give you permission to read my blog entries in chapter form. Until we chat again... I send my love from Texas. Most especially to my soul-friend-mate-person Rachey... and my twin sister Kristian who are in Rexburg without me. I commend them on keeping my spirit alive and well through bike riding, DI hoarding, Mona Lisa'ing, and crafting. Bless your skinny little hearts. I hope you're not cold tonight via 'RULE: keep the temperature at 68 degrees.' I dream of you both. Party on.

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