Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sitting in rather comfortable, squishy chair at the public dream castle house of books in Salt Lake City. I suppose Murray doesn't have everything. When you think of a public lib.. one might think of stale stuffy smells, considerably out of date computers, and a persnickety grandmother figure telling you to keep your voice down to a low whisper. This.... is. not. the. case. I have rarely been to such a heavenly location. Entire ceiling and sides of building constructed by clear glass and completely lit by natural light. Five floors of thousands upon thousands of books who's pages I long to read, and a million intelligent looking humans (who knows.. they could be complete idiots.. but for the sake of keeping this book castle classy.. I choose to believe that are smart as whip). Therefore... I now have a library card, and a favorite chair in which I'm very seriously considering finding an unnoticeable place to scribe my name into..... OK maybe not?!?

Its the weekend, and I'm happy about it. The whole mood of a city changes on the weekend. The crows feet surrounding work spent eyes lighten as the word 'weekend' flows through minds ands conversations which undoubtedly begin taking place about half way through every week... Wednesday perhaps? Though there is questionable precipitation (snow/sleet/rain/hale) falling from the sky outside...and a strange man sitting far too close to me right now... Something about today is a good day. Enjoy your weekend, little blog readers. Eat good food and freak out about it (very similar to how rachel and I act while eating papaya salad.. maybe we should post a video), take naps, snuggle, and make time for the things you've been wanting to indulge in all.week.long. Relax... and take a health slice of what we've all been looking for since Wednesday... the Weekend.

À Bientôt.....

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