Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have one million things that i should be doing, yet all i can think about is buying a ticket to San Clemente for my 'even though Im not in school... Im taking a spring break trip' trip. If you would like to meet me there for a chilly dip in the ocean or perhaps a book discussion on the yer flight. Bring a floppy hat and some coconut oil and you're invited.

I need a productive pill or perhaps a swift beating today to whip my behind into gear. Caffeine is betraying me. Ew.

I just found a bug on the stairs on its back with its legs kicking in the air. The embarrassing part is that I found myself imagining him as an elderly grandpa bug (I have a soft spot for grandpas) that was in distress and decided to flip him right side up and place him on the porch to continue invading homes and living happily. He probably layed eggs in my house.. why did I help him again?

I dont like pummelos, I only like grapefruit. Im craving Papaya Salad. I like watching basketball.... mainly when Im sitting in the Jazz section and cheering for the Celtics. I enjoyed a viewing of 'Girl, Interrupted' (with Winona Ryder starring.. holy perfectly beautiful woman) last night, about girls in a mental hospital. Afterwards, I was once again reminded of my theory that 'crazy' or 'weird' is all relative. Perhaps the craziest people are the ones too afraid to admit their biggest fear or their craziest obsessions. Too terrified of change to tap into that yearning that keeps them up at night while their body is fatigued and their thoughts are on the high speed runaway train.

I quit my job yesterday. These last few sentences could very well be the basis for such action.
I have seven weeks before school aka 'normalcy' starts and I can't seem to jump of the runaway train. Thanks to the funeral home I have just enough money to buy a plane ticket, eat cereal for every meal, and spend the first few weeks of spring pushing paint. Pictures to come. Happy Wednesday. Go help some bugs.
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