Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Old Scratch Ate Metallic cookies

This past three weeks I have felt as if I am walking through a cloud land of forced reevaluation that I may or may not call my own life. Dreams misplaced and ideas have shifted...my plans must change... my approach has drifted. Though I find myself floating more often than normal... I have seen the true opposition in all things. I have felt great joy and happiness in the content and blessed life that I lead. After a short stay in Spain I have returned to Rexburg, Idaho... a charming small town a.k.a. ice tundra that I love. Many of my lovers reside here... (Rachel in spirit). As traditional would have it...much crafting is taking place. In between my job hunt I've had a bit of free time to revamp my lair and search out some fresh inspiration. The most recent thrifting tryst that has warmed our hearts is the fire red desk that we randomly came across at Deseret Industries last weekend. I consider this desk some what of a valentines day present to myself in effort to justify buying a treasure heaven knows I don't need. Except that I do. Every time I walk into my room and see the picture of Mona Lisa framed in light blue beauty standing tall above the valentines desk.. I simply want to lay in the dresser drawers next to all of my lovers and sail away.

A deep sleep is beginning to come over me. Yes. It is only nine oclock. Don't judge. I love you all. Party on.

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