Wednesday, December 1, 2010

flock hur

I've been dreaming of wintry things. I dont often prefer cold weather, I do like small amounts of photogenic powder snow
Forgot Deodorant today... looked in all seven bathrooms of the funeral home to find sum. Found green old spice for old men, looked around to make sure no one was spying, and put it on. The expiration date says seems to be working just fine for me.
Im too hungry to type, my fingers are telling me that they would much rather be caressing finger foods than key board keys. Im sorry little fingers...Ill make you something nice when we get home.

Someone stole the large green recycling trashcans that sit behind the funeral home which were given to each house in Texas as a gift from the State. or something. My funeral colleague/desk mate is very concerned about this. He has now called every surrounding neighbor within a five mile radius to question them about the disappearance, AND is currently gazing out the upstairs window, waiting to pounce on the garbage can clepto. O My.

Today the wind started to blow in an abnormally violent fashion...(I'm starting to think the wind might need some counseling), however... all of the trees that have remaining fall colored leaves on them were knocked loose and began whirling around me.Red.Orange.Yellow.Gold.Brown.Green patterns over taking my eyes, and landing in my hair. It was whimsical and astonishing. I felt like I was in novel about how Fall became Winter. You should've been there.

I went to a Christmas tree farm. I smelled pine, and pet stray dogs. I took pictures of pristine green all around me (again). I sat in a patch of cockle burrs like an idiot. I drank apple cyder. I'm preparing for Christmas.

And evidently so is the lovely international color loving
leather company HERMES
someone colored on the igloo
dont put yer tongue on it
nice nap sack
there's a pup in yer bag

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