Tuesday, December 28, 2010


When I read rachel's blog posts for the fourth time since i have written even once, I felt saddened that I have been such a slacker... (very similar to the word previously discussed... saddening.

I decided that even though I only have twenty five minutes to transform myself from unshowered sweat pant scariness into a woman for a date that is about to happen, I HAD to stop and scribe things in honor of loving loveiiinatrashcan.blogspot.com.

The shower has now been waiting for me to stand in and under it for ten minutes,and instead of going green, I continue to merely feel guilty about not going green as
I watch the water vapor steam up the mirror out of the corner of my eye (because of the continuous running water no doubt), WHILE I do pointless things like write about this very incident.

Christmas was very festive and very Zenn. Sherman Texas is surprisingly cold and traffic filled. These two facts cause me to be confused about my where abouts, yet because I am surrounded by my nice sisters and lovely high school lovers, I realize i am INDEED present in my child hood stomping grounds. I know that am in my stopming ground because I found myself doing things like voiding everyone I don't absolutely HAVE to catch up with, and spending nights staying up til four oclock watching movies like 'Hope Floats' with people who truly have sculpted me into anything good that I am today. We also like to wear nothing but sweat pants, head bands, and fluffy shoes. We may or may not shower. Dont judge.. just enjoy girlly time with me. Please.

My other favorite person in the world... (we all know who this is) and I have finally finalized a lease for a furnitureless yet curtainned humble abode in Utah beginning January 7th. Though Im afraid of the cold as always... I am very pleased with this upcoming event of reunitation. (Yes. I know that is not a word).

Now my shower is cold, and steam is dissipating. This is what I deserve for blogging at the worst possible moment when I have had millions of other moments to do such things during this last week.

Whoever's eyes are reading this... i hope your holidays have been delightful. I hope you have eaten everything you have seen... very similar to me, and have loved every second of it. I hope you have done goofy festive family things, fought with your siblings/parents, and then continued to hang out with them for endless hours simply because that is what you do with family... and that is what you do at Christmas. Dont lie. The people who drive you the most undoubtably insane are definitely your favorite and most cherished humans.

K bye.

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