Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bang to tha boogie.

I thought i had forsaken late night internet stalking, but i suppose i have not.

So here is the deal. I saw a spread in a magazine, which i have no memory of the name. Nor can i find similar pictures anywhere on the google. It was for ORLY nail lacquer. And it was AWESOME. Pretty much it was of their new collection for spring called SWEET. Consisting of every pretty pastel color ever. I ended up going to ulta yesterday and buying 3 colors from the collection. this is a very unusual purchase for me for many reasons. a. i only wore nail polish for the first time this past summer (painted by the lovely kort knee). b. i do not understand nail polish. c. i am unable to put it on and have no women around to assist me (I need ALEXxxx). d. i only wear black or brown nail polish. e. i pretty much never have ever seen an ad that physically forced me to go buy their product. and f. i only spend money on clothes and candy. and this costed almost 25 dollars. ew. None the less, i did it. Then today, i was getting my little brother to take some pictures of my hands, when his friend who goes to SCAD came by, turning it into a tiny photo shoot. so hellooooo back yard.

attempting to show my finger nails, but really not succeeding.

and the robot begins.

alex, next time i will do a sequence of the mylipglossispoppin dance.

take note: of my disturbing hair cut/color. growing out since october sixteenth, which shall be fixed thursday at six p.m.

aaaand goodnight lovey lovers, from rachel harmonica

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  1. I totally must buy the tirquose nail polish but I maybe wear this at summer cause now I will go to build me and make me gel nails french manicure. :P