Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bring me a DReam.

Oh no.

I need this haircut.

or something along the lines of jane birkin.

Whenever haircut time rolls around, i start whining about my hair not being brown. which is interesting considering i bleach my hair. Point is. my pink skin and brown hair would not match. and it is annoying. So i will probably end up giving the stylist this picture of sylvie. which i give everyone who cuts my hair. and i will do nothing different at all. as i dont do every time. Hopefully they will do a good job, so as to put off my brown haired dream for another couple months. we shall see.


  1. I will blonf my hair these days huh!
    I think that french coup would be adored!
    i followed your blog, ladies<3
    can you please follow back?

  2. I like the last pic... and I want her hair style !! :) Mon Mode Blog

  3. I don't believe there's no shade of brown that wouldn't suit you! There are so many variations of the color! There must be one that's right for you.

    I had that Sassoon haircut for years...

  4. I love Jane Birkin haircut. Thank's for your comment.

  5. I have that parasol! How weird...

    I love the bob, it's gorgeous.

    tweet tweet tweet