Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another twin post or sonthing

Also, I haven't been blogging because Im too busy writing obituaries, doing flowery florist flowers for my first wedding (someone else's wedding... dont be confused), spiking hyperactive people's food with Xanex (unfortunately that's not true.. though would be beneficial), reading Giusseppee Leonardo Fabiano XXVVVIII's favorite book...'The 5,000 Year Leap', eating pumpkin cream cheese things that my favorite mother is making and planning on running because of, smelling the delighfully perfumed scarf that is wrapped around my neck and below my nose, researching out of state tuition for non-Mormon institutions of learning, listening to accordion music, editing 120938875 pictures as always, being festive, hangin with Buck, welcoming my womb mate into my arms (and missing my other one know who you are), sitting on the grass with the acorns, and searching for Christmas radio stations.

Also, I've recently been mulling over the idea to take up residence in my favorite Christmas tree farm for the month of December with my new horse Benjamin Rhodes and my camera, Melta. I have a thing for festive people, and I feel like that would be the best place to find them, not to mention I could enjoy rolling in the smell of pines 24/7. Let me know your thoughts... or if you'd like to join for that matter. I'll let you be my elves.

Also, Im dreaming of Colors again... prepare the paintbrushes..

Also, I went to a delightful wedding last night. One of my best friends and cousin, Steven, married his lover of 3 years yesterday in the Dallas, Texas Temple. I was able to help put together some of the flowers for their wedding, which was fabulous. I've rarely seen a couple so in tune with each other's soul vibes. After the wedding followed a great party full of all five million Cooper Cousins dancing their feet off. It was a show. As a result, I am very tired, very thorn poked (damn roses), and very against high heels. Only Grandma shoes for meh'. If you would like to be my grandchild, it can be arranged.

Also, enjoy Grandma's Pictures...

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