Saturday, November 6, 2010


Im going to a hockey game today. Ive never been to a hockey game... and Im not sure that I want to. Im most likely going to have to pretend I know whats going on, cheer at the wrong time, and be the one that laughs when people get punched. The serious sportster fans may become frustrated with me. The main problem is that I don't usually like icy things unless they are lemon flavored. Wish me luck. On the bright side.. I get to wear a sweatshirt. Any excuse to not pick out clothing...I will take. Wish me luck. If you have any tips about hockey game going.... comment away. In the mean time... listen to music. pet puppies. eat sherbet. wear lipstick. laugh loud.steal pens (for rachel).
Kiss the weekend hello.

1 comment:

  1. Just cheer when the people around you cheer and boo when they boo! And pretend you know what you're doing- nothing says confidence like playing pretend!