Saturday, November 6, 2010

nothin but a thang thang thang

I think heaven is trying to tempt me. Things that are in the wrong thing make my eyes move out of place in strange circles (like taylor’s when he thinks about laser eye surgery.) Today I was walking up the stairs in the Spori to turn in my homework. I turned it in then started walking back toward the stairs. I glanced out of the window that over looks (nothing) the bottom floor of the Spori.

As I looked out, I saw a pen sitting on the window’s ledge. Now keep in mind, stealing pens is one of my favorite hobbies. If someone lends me a pen, I will subconsciously be devising a way to refrain from returning this pen (don’t lend pens to me). If I ever see a pen sitting on the floor or on a desk or anywhere near me, I will take it. As I sign anything, I am probably trying to think of a way to steal the pen I am using. pens.

ANYWAY, this pen was completely unstealable. It sat on the OPPOSITE side of the window. The side that faces a hole in the building and doesn’t even come close to touching a floor. It was COMPLETELY UNREACHABLE by anything but air. I was literally so shocked and confused that I couldn’t help but just stand in awe.

How did this pen get there? Why did this pen get there? Will this pen ever move? How can I steal this pen? There was nothing I could do about this pen. It was as if satan himself laid this pen in this very spot. No human could have reached the ledge to put it there. And no human will ever reach the ledge to retrieve it.

My mind tried and tried and reached terribly hard to wrap itself around this pen, its position, and my inability to own it. While I did not enjoy this experience, i did eventually walk away and carry on with my life. more or less. I will show it to everyone tomorrow.


  1. Its funny to hear about your pen obsession because my obsession with pens is exactly what is causing your problem. I love to try and get pens stuck on high objects. I one time spent a good 25 minutes trying to get a pen stuck on a beam 20 feet in the air at work that I'm sure would still be there if the building hadn't burned down.

  2. My favourite hobby is catching pen thiefs. I'll wait a little bit and then ask for a pen (not my pen, a pen LOL don't know why I can't be straight about that). I could be your nemesisisisisis? :D