Thursday, April 15, 2010

light the fuse

I have recently decided to flee to the wilderness... and make bracelets out of honeysuckle. I will wear no shoes... and eat only plants.... preferably pineapple and wheat grass. Rachel will live in the tree next door to my lean to...Alex next to her.. ally and meagan next to her.. taylor and bruke next to her... and my twin on top of my lean to so i will have instant access to her. All day long we will make up rhymes, dance around like fairies, and swing on vines, and float on palm tree branch rafts. We will most likely turn from unfortunately white.. to permanently brown. When you come visit... we'll make you a hammock out of grass...and you won't have to wear shoes. We might be hard to get a hold of after the wilderness move... so email us while you can. Once we have disappeared into the oblivion of mother nature.. we will have a telegram delivery system set up with the birds. Feel free to drop a line.

Until the move... these photographs stand as my ode to nature. Color's from the lone star state.

I believe in God... and I Spell it Nature- Frank Lloyd Wright


  1. may I flee with you? this sounds like heaven

  2. I have very similar dreams! Sometimes they become real, too. Why can't we just nymph about the forest all the livelong day?

  3. there should be lots of honeysuckle to go around.

  4. HI Rachel! I'm not sure if you received my email but you won my giveaway (the peach dress)!
    Please email me with your address so I can mail it out to you.