Thursday, April 29, 2010

take me down to where the buffalo play

I am sitting in the library listening to the acoustic likings of Trace Bundy..(the love of my life)... and freezing my black jean wearing behind OFF because my mop of hair is wet and laying on my neck like a squirrel. I have no clue why i come to the library... I literally move at a snails pace with my 'homework.' In between every line I read from my Psychology book.. I lift my eyes to watch the fellow library attendees with their equally shifty eyes proceed to check out any and all personages within their visual range. When the door opens.. everyone looks to see who it is.. if they are even slightly attractive... if they are doing homework.. or simply stalking people like everyone else here... and then everyone moves forward with pretending that they are studying and not blogging their life away. Don't act like you're productive.. we know you do the same thing. I have your number kids.. i have your number.

marry me immediately

The library that i am blogging from on this brisk day resides in rexburg, idaho where the weather changes like i change underwear. IS almost May 3rd.. the day of my birth and yet it was cold enough today for us to wrap my lover ally's face in a scarf as we walked through the snow sprinkling land that we lovingly or sometimes bitterly/sarcastically/laughingly/longingly call home. The place that I am dreaming to leave by the time a semester is over... as i struggle to stuff my belongings into two rough looking suitcases and sprint onto an airplane.. simply so i can land in Texas and feel the humid air seep into my body making my hair frizzy and my lungs become less productive... IS indeed the same place that I associate so many of my blossoming self actualizing memories with. REXBURG. The very hole that reaps my weather complaints... is the same sweet small town that I so fondly smile at after returning from break... as I prepare to exit off of the long stretch of I-15 highway... nearly ten miles away... I can unfailingly spot the breath taking beautiful temple across the street from which my apartment sits. I smirk...roll my eyes...and wonder what on earth this semester will bring. As I settle in for my sixth semester in this strange college town where the zest of simplicity (main street, two grocery stores, no mall, whole town less than 5 miles wide) begs to shine..I am astounded at the complications such a simple town can bring. What a complicated time of life this is. I can't help but comb through the many memories of which have been created here.. the laughter felt, the knowledge gained, the utter pain experienced, and the mere days which I unknowingly ride out... unaware of what will happen next.

Rachel and I are taking a world religions class this semester. We are supposed to be studying and taking part in some major meditation during this class. I'm not gonna lie.. I dig the meditation idea... but it takes every fiber of my being not to first.. fall asleep. Second...worry about all of the same exact things that come into my mind during every minute i have free.. and Third...focus on watching the strange people around me. Meditating is rough. We are supposed to simply 'watch our thoughts go by as we would watch a movie' and not act on them or think on them more than to simply acknowledge that they exist. Now.. i am first to admit that I more than anyone in the world most likely needs to practice a little meditation. If only I could take a hydrocodone first?

Go get Zenn

My ghetto computer crashed this last Monday... other wise rachel and I would definitely be offering up our newest photo shoot fun for your eyes to feast on. Until then I would like to wet your creative pallet with these pictures. Farewell little duck feather heads. Go meditate.. then teach me how.

PS. If you have a puppy...give it to me.


  1. i have a puppy, i will not give him to you. I don't even know you! but my birthday is May 2nd.

  2. i have a wet create pallet. VICKIE keep that dirty puppy to yoself. KORTNEY dont ask for such disturbing presents on our blog. out of LINE.

  3. Thanks your your lovely comment! Yes, the Netherlands are indeed a beautiful country and if you ever get the chance to visit them, you should definitely do it! :)