Saturday, April 3, 2010

robot oeuf.

basically i am kind of mad right now. my sucky bank, wells fargo, just ate 70 dollars of mine. instead of going into detail. i will just say that i am MAD. considering all the stuff i could be getting with this money. instead of sending it to wells fargo who probably wont buy ANYTHING COOL WITH IT. how annoying.

etsy, ebay, nastygal, forever21, urban outfitters - respectively. uhm yes all under seventy dollars. mostly A LOT under.


  1. the first image of the pearl tie! :O love.

  2. I get so inspiered from these pics, awsome:)

    X Factory Girl

  3. such a lovely stuff!
    thaks for your comment :D
    I love your blog so I follow ok?
    kisses from paris xxx