Friday, July 23, 2010

Light a match

We are moving... and we are dying. rachel just stabbed herself with a tack. i have a permanent back problem from lifting bins full of books that i cannot bare to part with. i paid one million dollars to ship things (that will probably not make it due to the heinous packing job tape problem) to Texas. The box itself was ten dollars. O MY. Shipping my beautiful antique print of mona lisa costs more than the actual she has to stay with her step mother in idaho. i could cry. i have a tangled pile of hangers on my carpet that i have decided to throw away. i dont believe in untangling things. ever. we have to carry our abnormally heavy, perfect, red, desk ship downstairs and fold it up into the aztec. i havent showered in quite a while and im very very hot because idahoans dont believe in real air conditioning. all i would like to do is float in very cold water... naked. therefore.... i have decided to light a match...and run away. If you would like to come to my bonfire...send me a telegram. Only one day until texas and colorado.. let the floating prevail.

Many pictures of our clothes on etsy soon to come. FYI: next time we post... happiness will be our friend again... until then.. enjoy bitching with us.


  1. If any parents of ours happen to read this post.. i apologize in advance for the two curse words, and the butt. we were having a rough day. we'll try not to be so racey. ;)

  2. the butt and curse words were my favorite part. love, dad.