Friday, July 16, 2010

my newest boyfriend

Good evening fine ducklings. After this exquisite week, Rachel and I have found ourselves completely drained of all hype. We just got back from going to dinner and while talking in the car after, we both fell dead asleep. Despite the fact that it is Friday night, I find myself in my furry zebra shorts from Walmart, with my hair on top of my head... considering all of the movies I could watch and objects I could paint. Tonight is one of those rare nights that Im going to give in to my secret hermit desires. Im going to avoid social endeavers where I am forced to wear make up... (due to the inner voice inside of me that I recognize as my mothers... that never goes out without looking prestine). Im going to wear my Sarah Palin looking rimless glasses, instead of contacts that are killing my eyes after a few bouts of tears this week. Im going to eat popsicles. I'm going to listen to Simon and Garfunkle. I'm going to write down everything Ive been feeling and wanting to say or remember in the past few weeks. Im going to do nothing... and Im going to roll around in bliss during every second of the nothingness.
As a perk of my nothingness rolling.... I finally have a moment to share news about my newest love interest... Robert Siu. Robert Siu is a Burmese photographer from San Francisco that has stolen my heart with his raw ability to inspire. Across from the Ferry building in San Francisco, every Saturday there are hundreds of street vendors selling crafts as well as showcasing their artwork, photography etc. Robert Siu is a travelling documentary photographer that truly understands the beauty of a person's imperfection. He understands the pure ecstasy found in electric color combinations. He understands the zest of architecture and pure form. He understand what a mere image can do to the heart. Though I had seen his work several times, when I was in town last I forgot to write down his name. I have been calling all over San Francisco, talking to street art commissioners that might possibly know who this phantom angels was so that I could get ahold of just a few of his pieces to share on the blog. Today...Robert Lazaar, head of the San Francisco Street Artists solved my daunting mystery. Here are a few of his less well known images... as most of them are not available on the internet for copyrite purposes. Nevertheless.. let me introduce you to a little taste of Robert Sui. Enjoy.

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  1. Wow, he's a great photographer :o i like the ones in the second photo.