Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where's my blue pillow?

There's many an item of business to discuss this frothy 8th of July. Rachel and i are currently writing a dual post...first ever. Enjoy. We are listening to Peaches, the artist that seems some what sectually frustrated according to her lyrics. It's nearing the end of our semester and lately all we seem to be capable of is procrastinating any and every thing that is actually worth doing. We are also using Rachel's computer which is extremely epileptic... and driving me insane. Ew. most other days.. we went on a bike ride through the nature park. By nature park we mean a moldy, leechy water hole surrounded by an asphalt track and encrusted in a golf course. I believe the 'nature' part of the title is referencing our six duck friends who inhabit this pondy place.

Today as we were making our first round on the asphalt track, we approached a line of ten sprinklers that looked as if they would clothes-line us relentlessly off of our stolen purple bikes. Instead of calmly riding around these harmless water machines... rachel decided to stop in a screeching hault in effort to avoid being attacked by the powerful collection of water molecules. as i rounded the corner... not only did i not avoid the water... i did not avoid rachel... or flying off my bike. I attempted to ride around rachel... but due to my speed and wetness i ended up rear ending her, then driving my bike into (not over) a hill and finally jumping off before it crushed me... like last time. This all resulted in a broken shoe, some phantom scratches on Rachel's hand... and some wet little white girls. Despite all of this hoopla...dont worry... we still ended up completely wet, unable to avoid the terminator sprinklers. In effort to regain our composure after this frightening bike-asphalt-water debacle... we found ourselves silently sitting side by side on a half painted wooden bench upon the neighboring golf course... sucking on suckers like five year old girls in time out.

Then we proceeded to ride 'round this small commune-like town.... passing through the water park, the main street, and the bridge overlooking the sewage river... we gave in to our greatest non-sectual desires and stopped in at Original Thai to indulge in the world's BEST red curry dish...Mango Curry. We have eaten Thai food in Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; San Francisco, California; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Austin, Texas; Madrid, Spain; Amsterdam, Holland; Salt Lake City; Utah, and some random place in Tennessee...and honestly vow that Rexburg, Idaho, the unknown of the unknown, birthed the best curry we have EVER eaten. EVER. The only place it could possibly be topped.. is Thailand. There... we will go... and there we will eat.

San Francisco... Powell Street.

Then we bought nail polish. Periwinkle blue.. and brown. dont cry.. it's beautiful. We got in trouble for painting it on our nails in effort to test its actual color and consistency. A strangely cranky Sally's worker snotted at us to use tape to test the polish. Whoever has heard of such a thing?! In the midst of writing this paragraph, we have received urgent news that our friend, the DJ, will be DJ'ing at a Jewish deli called Shamsi's in Ventura, California on main street. Go there. Eat Kosher things... and be DJ'd.

By all means... this is long enough. Gnite sweet readers.


  1. great post! and blog!

  2. Sounds like a fun day, these photos are so lovely, and I enjoyed your first joint post!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Thx for visiting my blog ! Love Thai food plus eaten at that restaurant in downtown SF ♥

    Mon Mode Blog

  4. Hehe...the day sounds fun except for that nasty Sally's employee. Boo on her!

    Too make it better, why don't we imagine that I'm giving you ice cream sandwiches? ;)

  5. Woohoo! Happy dual post! ;) Sounds like an awesome day. Kind of similar to my ideal day (ANY DAY WITH THAI FOOD IS IDEAL!), except for I'm a loner, and I go by myself.


    Happy summer! With your awesome weather ;)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!