Thursday, August 12, 2010


Due to the relocation of our bodies... it's been a while since we've updated. We apologize for our lack of blogging. I am currently in Texas, enjoying the 105 degree heat and humidity, swimming daily, and enjoying not living like a college student for a while. There's always fresh food in the fridge, and sane people to talk to. I am really LOVING being home. I am currently trying to figure out my plans for the next year. This past weekend I went to Austin to explore job and school options down there. It intensely reminded me of my beloved months spent in San Francisco. It too is filled with free thinking artists, vintage stores, and vegetarian food. My Dream. However, the best part is that it still some how maintains some serious Southern charm. There's a nice mixture of old southern locals, college students, and families. This Capitol city is filled with a wonderful houses the type of atmosphere that inspires me to learn from the minds and ideas surrounding my so often feeble habits and shortcomings. I was also able to catch up with some old friends, and have an interview at Buffalo Exchange. I returned home last night, and am still struggling to catch up on sleep. Today is a lazy day. God bless it.
As far as other recent happenings, a few of my latest obsessions include:
1. Cozby.. (my Nephew dog that I am babysitting)
2. Frozen Cool Whip
3. Snow Cone Art
4. Not texting
5. Stalking always.
6. Reading books I never make time to read
7. Hanging out with my mother
8. Cheese boards
9. Courtney's new apt
10. Hip Hop... for some strange reason
11. Not speeding... in fact... going very slow.
12. Cricket's rubbing their legs together at night
13. Swimming Laps
14. Blackberries on my tongue
15. Organizing things
16. Green things
17. Chipotle Sauce
18. My friends that just got home from their missions
19. Being more passive
20. Access to a million girlly treasures like perfume, and clothes that collect when all three Cooper sisters reunite.
I hope things are well with you blessed and scholarly followers. I miss my wife dearly, and dream of every funny thing she has ever said often. I find myself trying to explain the zest of Rachel to nearly anyone and everyone that will listen...but the truth is... you have to know her to understand such a human. What a wondrous friend, sister, wife, and long lost triplet she is to me. I'm sure Colorado enjoy's her living there. Picture of some clothes for sale, and snow cone art.. soon to come! ;) Go do summer things.

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