Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ruff Ruff....there's a dog in my stomach.

Every time I return to Texas I am blown away with the level of health my family upholds. My parents work out every day and have become little health nutty-ish in the past five years. After being at school around people who are some what the opposite... coming home is a convenient time to do a little 'body house keeping.' I am currently participating in a cleanse.... avoiding sugar, most carbs, and all caffeine. The idea is to up your fiber, iron, and water intake... and be aware of how much excess mindlessness we partake in. The moral to this story is that IM STARVING. Tomorrow, I am going on vacation to a beach town called San Clemente with all of the girls in my family... if I can abstain from any guilty pleasures on this trip... I believe I'll deserve a prize. Maybe I will just go rub Rachel's Oatmeal cookie candles all up on my skin in lieu of eating them. I have hope that there's a slight chance the delectable smell might bring me some joy.

In the mean time...while in San Clemente I will finally get the chance to photograph my little sister in a few nautical vintage outfits ive been collecting as of late. I believe I'll make her skip around on the beach for a while... until my camera's heart is content. I'm also going to enjoy wearing floppy hats and doing ocean things. If you'd like to be photographed.. meet me on the Southern Californian sand and we'll work some magic. Until then... Go eat a cookie in my honor. Buenas Noches fellow Sailors.


  1. augh. you have WAAY more will power than I ever will! I hope the cleanse goes well though, I've always wanted to try one of them but then get sidetracked and eat a tub of ben & jerrys lol!

    Can't wait to see the nautical photo shoot photos! xx

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