Thursday, August 12, 2010


i dont know why or how my internet is working right now, but i am happy about it none the less. and here are some stuffffff. stuffff is plural right?

us cool, house cool?

six foot quilted flamigos for our room

upon entering this room, i was told, "cherry pick whatever you like."
i almost died. then i didnt and i just picked out kul stuff for this lady's store.

looooook nighties

one thousand hats

weddddding dressses

my favorites

the aztek hAs never looked better.


  1. so much to take in in one post! i love these photos, such a variety
    and stuff can mean more than one thing, but it is singular, and you should say "here is" hahaha
    and where does the model look familiar from?

  2. That rummagey room looks amazing! I could probably spend my whole life in there. And your finds are awesome.

  3. yes that room is really cool
    i want all the clothes on the rack!! hahahha
    thank you for your comment
    is really appreciate it