Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stop it.

okhayyyyy. so i havent blogged in quite some time. luckily it is because i have been living in the woods and cant find a computer. more or less. for the break im in colorado with my aunt. she DOooees live in a large cabin in a very foresty place and while there is a computer fifteen feet from my room, MY computer with all of my pictures and cool things and privacy is brokkken.
sadd. madd. anyway, colorado is awesome and is my favorite place ever. my aunt doesnt have air conditioning so i just live in front of a fan. actually thats not even necessary because i like being warm and its a nice break from my large, satanic roommates who blasted the air conditioning when it WASNT WARM all the time (so i, in turn, blasted the heat when it wasnt cold all the other times, oops).
in addition, i work in my aunts antique/craft mall, which is AMAZING. i have never seen so many pretty things in one place. or so i THOUGHT. until one of the sellers at her store, who sells vintage clothes and hats and jewelry and accessories, took me downtown where she stores all of her clothes. and my brain melted with amazement. so that is nice. i also know no one, which i like and gives me a lot of reading time and time to run around a lake. mmmmm. yeah. ill give you some pictures when my computer fixes itself, hopefully it will do that soon.
oh. also i miss kortney. and hope my roommates get pizza placed on their faces for getting her kicked ouut. also. kortney needs to blog. and stop being at a pool without me.
oh. KRISTIN - i have something reaaaaallllly cool to put in our room in the fall. which is pictured on my actual computer.
oh. and i really want to go on a roller coaster. and see edward sharpes on wednesday.
oh. byyyeee.


  1. Get a life and stop blaming people. Life is too short to sit around and blame people for actions they did not do. Take responsibility for your own actions and don't worry about what other people do or say. Seriously, its getting a little old reading about why you hate people. We don't care.

  2. yeah i agree with what she said, only without a foot up my butt, and minus all the h8terade, dealt with a side of if you hate them then why do you bother trying to make yourself feel better by posting about it here? i'd like to see all the exciting things you have to share on your blog.. oh wait... life is too short, and it is getting a little old reading about why you hate people... also who the hell is we? some strange nickname for you sitting in front of your computer all by yourself? Oops.