Monday, October 18, 2010

A discovery

This morning I woke up to my two favorite humans calling me on the tele (Kristin and Rachel, obviously). I thought it was a dream... but it was real life. We laughed until we was fabulous. Then I pulled my hairs into a bun and wrapped a towel turban on my head.. (to keep it from being touched by water of course.... heaven knows i only wash my hair about once a week... but sshhhh cuz that's a secret). So technically.. most mornings I only take half showers. I got into the steamy water and liked it so much that I decided to sit down while I took my shower... kind of like a bathshower. I sat there for ten minutes.... then the water got cold because my side of the house has a mean water heater. Then i decided i should actually do some shower activities like washing before I got out. I looked around... and realized that the only body wash I had was some peppermint body wash from three years ago at Christmas. Delightful. Im almost positive that it's ineffective. After I got out of the shower I realized that my sitting idea was half baked because my hair was a bit wet which i had previously tried to avoid. As I was trying to revamp my locks, my mother Tammy walked in and told me how pretty I was with my hair on top of my head. Any other day I wouldve taken that as a partial mother comment and continued getting ready, avoiding any and all sleek hair styles in order to cover what tends to look like a receding hair line. However, on this wet hair day... I decided to trust this woman. I pulled my hair into a sleek high pony tail and put on black clothes. Then... I spotted my newest best friend.... purply maroon coffee colored lipstick. My mother is so obsessed with lipstick that I have always heavily avoided such an idea. I think we all have a secret fear of becoming our mothers... don't we?! Yet, after obeying the pony tail suggestion I figured I might as well take one more step towards old age. In my effort to skip makeup time and still look some what put together.. i grabbed the amber colored lipstick and puckered up. Every time I looked in the mirror at work, I found myself looking rather like the people in the caskets with my newly darkened hair, freshly lipsticked smoochers, and pale skin. Either took me less than ten minutes to get ready, and I got many a compliment from fellow humans in my path today. The point of my morning dialogue?? Im making friends with lipstick.

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