Friday, October 15, 2010

oH. yOuRe A pEaCh.

Once again I have found that my mind is overwhelmed with images and visions of pretty things. As I have delved a bit deeper into floral design, (my Tuesday/Thursday job) and photography I have come upon a serious addiction. As a psychology major, I have been deeply evaluating myself and what it is inside of my Texan soul that makes me thirst for inspiration like a water deprived camel in the Saudi Arabian Desert. I have come to the conclusion that what seems to spark my eyes... is color. As a little girl my mom tells the story of how every morning, when she would come into get me out of my crib... as she was picking out my clothes and preparing the changing table to powder me for the day, I would stand in my crib and look at all of my clothes hanging up. I would then proceed to stand there and make her listen to me name the colors of all my clothes over and over until I was sure that my Mommy had noted each one. As a child I loved flowers and all art forms yet with my little words, and child like thoughts could never seem to adequately express how mesmerized I felt by them. As an adult, with a few bigger words in the box and hopefully some minorly more mature thoughts, I find myself still floundering with the means to express the inspiration deep inside of me. As Preston Bailey (world renowned floral artist and event planner) said recently 'Inspiration can be a rare and fleeting thing with no source.' I find this to be true.

Pearlesque Places

Sexy body coverings

Braide. my. hur


o good. it's hat day.

Gay pride trousers. eye like'm.

Howling is always a good time.

Have an inspired weekend little howlers.

I'm howling for you, Rachel. As always.

Happy Friday.

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