Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today... everything is pretty.

Yes. A half broken glass bottle laying on the side of the road with the light hitting it just right... was pretty.

Yes. The stormy sky filled with angry power that in some way was still placid and serene...
was pretty.

Yes. The way the water hit the ground with forceful splashes right before the clouds broke... reminding us there is a higher power... was pretty.

Yes. Two homeless men walking up the street arm in one supported the other limping man.... was pretty.

Yes. The life story told by the wrinkled around the eyes of a charming and weathered englishmen... was pretty.

Yes. The mess of macaroni and cheese made by three five year old boys at work who giggled profusely every time I walked by... and looked at me across the room with anticipating eyes simply to see if I would wave... was pretty.

Yes. The way vision through my tired eyes blurred the headlights of surrounding cars into a romantic contrast of yellow light... was pretty.

Yes. The laugh of a friend that was so loud and so genuine that it startled my reflective state... was pretty.

Yes. The not so average averageness of February 18th.... was pretty.

Yes. Incase your February 18th didn't house enough prettiness... I've collected you some....
Look on.

Today... Everything is pretty.

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