Thursday, February 24, 2011

turning world

The child like amusement that I felt when discovering droog (Amsterdam based company with a focus on minimalistic yet artistic design of accessories, lighting, furniture and studio work that change your experience of daily life) this weekend was very similar to the glee one might encounter when findng a twenty dollar bill in their robe pocket. I would know. It happened last week. Thank you embarrassingly pink girl robe from Tammy. Their products tag the hype of 'going green' with an intense paradigm shift in approach. Each project is based on the reuse of raw materials to create functional yet creatively inspiring ever day objects. Droog has successfully covered the idea of 'getting back to the basics,' in an avant garde cloak. These aesthetically pleasing products are so abstractly simple they will have you slapping yourself for not thinking of the same thing ten years ago.

It's time to go do twin things and Etsy things.

log table chair

my new house

High chairs that grow with yer children

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