Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today I went skiing.


Attack by overzealous ski equipment salesman, pizza-ing. sliding, speeding then falling. bumping, bruising, skinning, laughing, climbing (out from under trees), eating of snow, wishing someone videotaped my uprooting of a tree so we could die of hilarity, laughing again, loosing ski poles, being assisted by small children, being saved one million times by Leeland, flying through the air like a frog after catapulting self out of both skis (and some how landing on hand and knees), laughing still, looking kul, knocking over AND falling on a four year old while standing in line for ski lift on flat ground verses on mountain where falling is more acceptable, apologizing profusely to four year old, getting mean mugged by four year old's father, red floral thermals, ski lift party, frozen gummy bears, fun with Al Pal, swallowing of pride x 20, seeing cutest children in universe in tiny skis and floral ski suits, dying of cuteness, co starring with Al Pal in skiing documentary, laughing, drinking water like a camel, destroying an area called 'family fun zone,' recapping destroying family fun zone, being saved by Al Pal, laughing, last ski run, lovin life, tram ride with every skier on earth in same car, riding up double black diamondy mountain that crazy humans ski down, pondering myself tumbling down to snowy death on crazy human mountain, panic attack in my mind, tram slowing, cool breeze, jolt back to reality, stepping off, people dissipating.

Then.........standing on top of the world.

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